5A Dent Esthetic Dental Clinic (Baku, Azerbaijan) is equipped with the latest premium class diagnostic, treatment units and devices, sterilization equipments, digital 2D & 3D radiological imaging equipments and CAD/CAM technology (Sirona, Germany).

The ambiance of the clinic is specially designed for psychological comfort and relaxation of the the patients. 

Since 2007, Dr. Cavid Ahmedbeyli maintaines his private practice limited to Periodontology, Implant Dentistry and Oral Surgery at 5A Dent Esthetic Dental Clinic in cooperation with experienced and leading specialists: Prof. Ramiz Ahmedbeyli (Prosthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry), Dr. Rashid Mammadzada (Endodontics), Dr. Ismayil Yagublu (Orthodontics),  Dr. Parvina Ahmedbeyli (Pedodontics),  Dr. Shabnam Muradova (Dental Hygienist) and CDT. Elmeddin Nacafov (5A Dent Laboratory Ceramist).