17-25 ages are the time when the wisdom teeth are erupted in the mouth. To extract or to leave them in the mouth is controversial. Before deciding to extract them we are taking complaints and wishes of the patient, evaluating clinically and radiologicaly the position of the tooth in the jaw, also the condition of the hard and soft tissues surrounding the wisdom and the neighboring teeth.

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Endodontic surgery is performed to remove the chronic cysts formed at the tip of roots that were not properly treated for a long period of time or in case of failure to complete endodontic therapy with complete healing of the tip of the teeth, for surgical removal of broken instruments from the root canals or to manage root perforation during root canal therapy. During the surgery the surrounding diseased tissue are being removed and filled with bone graft, whereas root canal is filled with the filler from the the tip of the root completely filling the gaps. 


Surgical procedure that loosens or removes band of tissue, connected to the lip, cheeks of floor of the mouth, that developed abnormally, interfering with oral function, causing dental problems, discomfort, pain, difficulty in fitting dentures, orthodontic problems and esthetic issues.

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Lip Repositioning Surgery is a the procedure, which has few post-op complications and may be a permanent treatment for excessive gingival smile - “gummy smile”. It is also successful in increasing lip volume and for the correction of an asymmetrical smile.

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